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Through my creative services consulting company MWS Media, I help authors, musicians, independent creators, entrepreneurs / solopreneurs, small businesses, and anyone looking to bring their story to fruition and to the world.

Since the turn of the century, I’ve drawn from my three decades of experience as a creator, storyteller, and marketer to bring a service-based, customer- and user-focused perspective to solving your problems and telling — or helping you tell — your story.

Let’s find out how I can help you. Reach out via the contact form or email, or be proactive and book an introductory session right now and let’s get to know each other:

Ways I Can Help

The “creative services” umbrella includes quite a few complimentary skills. Here are three common ways I help clients with their creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Writing / Publishing Services

Whether you need a creativity and storytelling coach to keep you on the path of creative productivity, a developmental editor to coax out your best prose, a techie to help design and produce your e-book or print books or build your author website, or any other help along your path to publication… I’m ready to assist.

I’ve been a self-publishing and online publishing pioneer, I have experience with traditional publishing, and I’m a Parsec Award nominated and former top 100 bestseller who continues to push the envelope of what’s possible with independent and alternative publishing.

WordPress Website Services

No matter your creative endeavor, a website is essential to your success. And a self-hosted website built on the WordPress content management platform is the most popular and best-supported choice.

I’ve been building, customizing, and managing self-hosted WordPress websites for over ten years. Whether you need a simple “out of the box” web presence or a full-featured site, design customization, or ongoing upkeep and maintenance, I can help you as I’ve helped dozens of diverse clients large and small.

Virtual Assistance / Creative Services

Regardless of your creative entrepreneurial endeavor, when it comes to your progress and continued growth, it’s important to recognize that what you’re able to do is not necessarily the best thing you should do. Your job is to make things and to evangelize those things. Everything else that distracts you from “job one” — even if you are capable of doing those things — takes away from your creative and financial bottom line.

I’ve been working in the online space since the late 1990s as an independent creator and author, as a web developer, a social media marketer, a digital producer, a podcaster… in other words, my experience in this space is deep and wide. If there’s something you need done online, chances are I’ve either done it or can effectively discover how to do it. For you.

From creating graphics or written copy for the web, to optimizing your website for search engines, to managing your social media presence on Facebook or Twitter, to research, to podcast and video editing and production… to ebook or audiobook creation… I’ve done it all. I’m your guy!

Need something else? Book one of my à la carte services, like WordPress BootCamp, Story Coaching, or Website Assessment (opens in new window)… or just ask.

Client Testimonials

Tenacious and creative, Matthew Selznick is a masterful storyteller and producer representing the best of both worlds: an ultracreative with an eye for detail.
~ J.C. Hutchins
Communications Specialist

If you need a guy to do everything: editor, photos, website, you name it, he is fabulous, professional, incredible; makes me look really good; total pro.
~ Paul Samuel Dolman
Author and Podcaster
South Beach

Matthew is a focused, energetic, creative professional who is able to bridge the gap between technology and story for both the client and his own team.
~ Russell Scott
CEO / Creative Director
Jetset Studios

Matthew was very knowledgeable, brought his expertise and was a great liaison (who) brought our web materials to a whole new level.
~ Veronika Shülman
Marketing and Communications

Matthew is a true expert at what he does. I consider (him) to be very honest, with a high level of integrity. I can trust him with everything.
~ Chris Afshar
Managing Director / Entrepreneur
RAA Ventures

Matthew finds solutions, makes a good idea great and stays calm under pressure. He knows the art of clear and effective communication and is an asset to any team.
~ Danielle Kugell
Digital Handiwork

Matthew’s knowledge of social media and online communities is formidable, making him an invaluable asset to anyone with a story to tell.
~ Eric Gabriel
Writer, Editor, Musician
Eric Gabriel Creative

Matt is intelligent, full of ideas, organized, and dedicated. And what really makes Matt stand out is that he genuinely cares.
~Jenny Ip
Director, Global Audience Operations
IPG Media Brands

Matt is an extremely dedicated, intelligent and hard working executive. Highly recommend tapping his skills for all things community, podcasting and editorial.
~ Jason Calacanis
Founder / Angel Investor

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