The Big Pivot


When the actions you take fail to bring the results you need, it’s time to try something different. It’s no different for indie authors and creators.


Write Better Fiction With Live Help From Matthew Wayne Selznick


Writers! I’d like to help you write better fiction. I’ve added a new creative service to the MWS Media toolkit to do just that! Join me for a live, one-on-one, personal video session, where we’ll…


A Transparency Challenge From A Bottom-List Indie Author


Effective immediately, and every month from now on, I will post my gross earnings as an independent author and creator. If you’re an indie author or otherwise make some or all of your living as an independent creator, I challenge you to…


For A Limited Time! The Return of Limited Edition Chapbooks


They’re back! Handmade, signed and numbered, print, limited edition chapbooks of selected short stories, each with an exclusive essay… and each limited to one hundred copies. Keep reading to get yours while they last!


Announcing Four Stories


I’ve just put the finishing touches on Four Stories, my first-ever short story collection, and I’m pretty excited! Read on to find out how you can get your copy of this quartet of literary tales.