The Worlds of
Matthew Wayne Selznick

Fiction in a variety of genres and storyworlds… non-fiction dedicated to creative endeavors.



The Shaper's World

Presenting a fully-realized original fantasy setting in which three sentient hominid species struggle to peacefully co-exist… while encroaching forces from beyond reality threaten existence itself…

The Sovereign Era

In the late twentieth century, the sudden appearance of individuals with remarkable abilities threatens the delicate Cold War balance of power and forever alters the course of human destiny!

Daikaiju UNiverse

Since the late nineteenth century, mankind has been plagued by implausibly massive beasts. Why?

The Protector Cycle

World-weary, unwitting warriors guard against the shadows that hide beneath the shadows.

Literary Fiction

Character-driven stories that don’t necessarily have a genre or popular fiction component.


Sourcebooks, booklets, and other informational works intended to aid writers and other creators.

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