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LA Podcasters Meeting

So I met some real live podcasters in the flesh today… some folks whose work I’ve listened to for the last few months. Don’t think they’ve listened to me (yet) cuz I’m kind of a small fry… but based on my Feedburner stats, that may have changed after today.

It was a fun meeting. It’s interesting how quickly a group of people who haven’t really interacted can just get to work on a common task. That’s the pod/blog effect, though — we have interacted, by being each others’ listeners.

Having an agenda helped, too…

What did that agenda entail? Mostly deciding what we were going to do with our exhibition booth at the upcoming Portable Media Expo in November. Yes, I’m going to be a conventioneer. Crazy. See you there — booth 313, November 11th and 12th, Ontario, California.

It was invigorating, being around peers who do what you do. It was way worth the two hour drive “down the hill,” and a great start to a day of socializing with old friends and new!

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