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Introducing Scribtotum

For many years now, whenever I’ve maintained a blog, I’ve called it Scribtotum. It’s a compound word: scrib = write; totum = all.

“Scribtotum” might evoke a similar word for you: factotum, which more or less means “one who does everything,” or “one who has many jobs or talents.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, that’s by design. I write about a lot of different things, I have a lot of different interests, and my ability pool is both deep and wide. Scribtotum could describe both me, and this blog.

But Scribtotum isn’t just my mouthpiece. It’s for you: the writer and creator striving to stay healthy and sane while you build a successful creative life.

I want that for myself, too.

I’ve been working on that my whole life a few years now, with varying degrees of success and intention. What I’ve learned… and as I learn… I will share with you in Scribtotum.

Opinions, Advice, Recommendations

Tellingly, “factotum” used to be synonymous with “meddler” or “busybody.”  So, too, should Scribtotum.

I have opinions. They come out. They will come out in Scribtotum articles.

In my day job and as an author and creator myself, I’ve picked up a lot of best practices and habits that work for me… and I continue to assess, adjust, and refine.

As I get better at being a healthy, sane, successful writer and creator, I’ll offer my advice on what’s working and what isn’t.

The same goes for tools, resources, sources of inspiration, and services that help me get the job done professionally, creatively, emotionally, and physically. You’ll find recommendations and endorsements in Scribtotum, and they will always be for things I personally use, have used, and stake my name and reputation on.

Never Miss A Scribtotum Post

I’ve been a creative services provider, author, and writer since 2000. I’ve been a creator in one way or another since the late nineteen eighties. Now, as I continue to grow and improve as a creator and a human being (gotta do both concurrently!), I’m inspired to bring you along for the ride so we can advance together.

Become part of my community and receive new Scribtotum articles as they’re posted, right in your email inbox. It’s free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

We’re going to have some fun here!

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