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After many “yougottaseeits,” I finally spent a few hours to see Sideways I admit I’ve been gunshy; the last movie people raved about and insisted I’d like was Lost In Translation, and that was a piece of crap.

No, it was. You wanna make something outta it?

Anyhoo. Sideways was great. Nailed it. And what do you know, it had an actual story.

Nice job.

There’s more to it than that; it’s affected me, and I’m not sure where I am right now, in my head. It was a good time to watch it, that’s for sure, because I’ve been both of those guys at one point or another, or even at the same time.

These days, I’m certainly more Miles than Jack. Which is challenging, but honorable, and I can wake up in the morning not afraid of the mirror, you know?

One of these days, I’ll write about being a born-again moralist. Or something like that. For now: good movie, and a nice endcap to a fine, relaxed, reflective day yesterday, and a very satisfying evening with an old friend and her new husband. Finest kind, they are.

Two and a half days of vacation to go!

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