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Presenting Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick Episode 001

I’ve been hinting at it on social media; I’ve made no secret about it here on my site… and it’s here! My return to podcasting after nearly two years, Sonitotum.

In this first episode, I talk about…

  1. …why I stopped doing my last show
  2. …why I started this one
  3. …what you can expect from the show
  4. …and from the next episode.

I want you to listen, but here are some hints:

  1. Life got really, really crazy
  2. I’ve hit “reset” on my creative endeavors and I’m starting over… and taking you with me so we both hopefully learn a thing or two
  3. Like it says on the branding: Make stuff. Find success. Stay sane.
  4. I mean it when I say I’m starting at square one. You’ll just have to listen to discover what that means.

Podcasting has been at the root of any measure of success I’ve had as an independent creator, dating back to October of 2004. I’m excited to be back. The medium is so very different than what it was thirteen and a half years ago, or even twenty months ago.  But when I get behind the mic and start talking to you, it feels just a little bit like coming home.

Let’s hang out! And once you listen, be sure to tell me what you think!

Get Extra Content

My patrons get exclusive, early access to the uncut / unexpurgated version of Sonitotum a few days before it goes out to the rest of the world. Their version of this episode has almost four extra minutes, including some pretty personal stuff.

Also, about a week before they got this first episode, my patrons received a free MP3 of the Sonitotum theme song, “Anastasia.”

You can get early access to the unedited edition of every episode of Sonitotum for as little as $1.00 month, the free theme song, and whole lot of other stuff. Click here to learn more about become a patron of Sonitotum and my other creative endeavors.

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Links and Topics Mentioned In This Episode

Making the Episode

This episode took about two hours to record, edit, and produce. I didn’t track how many hours it took to record the theme song, “Anastasia,” but it was at least a day or two of work hours spread over about two weeks.

Equipment and Software

For those who are interested (folks sometimes ask), here’s what I used (and use) to make this episode. I have affiliate arrangements with some of these products and services. If you make a purchase when you click through using my links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s a great way to help support the podcast… so thank you!

What Do You Think?

For me, a podcast is much more than just talking into a microphone and putting the result out into the world. It’s an invitation to a relationship; to community.

I know this is just the first episode, but if you listened, please take a moment and leave me a comment.

Tell me what you think about the episode and the show as a whole. I’m especially interested in your own state of affairs as an independent author or creator, and what you’re interested in my talking about in future episodes. Remember, the focus is on creating a successful, healthy creative life.  Let’s hear from you in the comments!

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  1. Rebecca Burns Rebecca Burns

    Love your holistic mission statement! I’m glad this isn’t just another “how to” podcast (I think I’ve tried ’em all). It’s important to take a broad-spectrum approach for a creative life and not just focus on technical details.

    I can really relate to the spinning one’s wheels in the minutiae to avoid failure and/or success and “outside” scrutiny. Thanks for the validation.

    Looking forward to future episodes!

    • Matthew Wayne Selznick Matthew Wayne Selznick

      Thanks Rebecca! It’s great to see you here. If the idea that we get caught up in minutiae to avoid the potential to be judged, check out the whole blog post I wrote about procrastination… I go deep.

      • Rebecca Burns Rebecca Burns

        Deep is right…lots of good ideas and advice and insight. Ever thought about freelancing as a Creative Therapist? Hmmm–might be a good character for a story…

        • Matthew Wayne Selznick Matthew Wayne Selznick

          Coaching is one of the things I do as a creative services provider, in fact. “Creative services” covers a lot of ground…

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