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038: Take a Chance

Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick
Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick
038: Take a Chance

Episode 038 of Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick is a big one, dear listener! Presenting the all-new, all-different Matthew Wayne Selznick Patron Community!

Listen to learn…

  • Why I’m returning to the Patreon neo-patronage platform to build a community for folks who don’t just like my books, stories, music, podcasts and other creative endeavors… they’re creators in their own right… or would like to be.
  • How I intend to build this community around the mission of the Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick podcast: “Make stuff, find success, and stay health and sane in the process.”
  • How creating a patron-supported community serves my larger mission: “Add to the culture, to the wellspring of human experience, both by telling stories and making things, and by helping other people bring their creative endeavors to fruition and to the world.”
  • Why those old steadfast drivers, thoughts of legacy and mortality, pushed me to create a community space for patron peers now, not later.
  • Why what patrons get out of the community is as important as what I get out of their patronage.
  • All about the perks of patronage, including acknowledgment and recognition, digital products like e-books and audiobooks, exclusive community, “back stage” access to my works in progress, merchandise, tangible copies of my work, group and one-on-one coaching, and more.

If you’re a fan of my work as an author, podcaster, poet, musician, or advocate for the DIY creator ethic, I really hope you’ll give this one a listen.

If you want to be part of a young, intimate community of writers, authors, and other creators driven to build a healthy, successful creative life, I hope you’ll visit and pledge.

Technical Note

I continue experimenting with different tools and methods to make recording Sonitotum frictionless while still creating audio that’s kind to your ears. This episode was recorded using my lavalier mic plugged into my phone, recorded with the Parrot Voice Recorder app. I put a tiny foam windscreen on the mic to, y’know, screen out the wind.  This is the same method as last episode, but this time around, there were some static artifacts. Why? I dunno.

Editorial Note

This episode of Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick is cross-posted with Scribtotum, my ongoing blog on making stuff, finding success as I define it, and building a healthy and sane creative writing life.

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