Who will rescue the kidnapped infant prince… and will they save him… or kill him? Find out in LIGHT OF THE OUTSIDER!

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  • One More Ticket for The Fabulous Riverboat

    February 25, 2009: An appreciation of Philip Jose Farmer, master of interconnected storyworlds and pulp adventure, and an influence I don't recognize often enough.

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  • Booksigning!

    June 23, 2006: Matthew Wayne Selznick is part of a festival of local authors at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Victorville, California on Saturday, June 24th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Matt will sign copies of his first book, Brave Men Run - A Novel of the Sovereign Era, read from the book, and discuss the…

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  • Couldn’t Glean the Scene

    June 19, 2006: Tried to do some writing today... I like to blast a scene per weekday if at all possible, which usually means a thousand to fifteen hundred words, sometimes more, sometimes less. Today, it barely happened.

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  • It’s An Honor To Be Nominated!

    May 31, 2006: I just discovered that the podcast edition of my first book, "Brave Men Run - A Novel of the Sovereign Era," has been nominated for a Parsec Award in the Best Speculative Fiction Story (Long Form) category!

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  • Subcreation Woes

    February 7, 2006: After a great conversation with my new friend James, I have come to the conclusion that I need to do some more work on the world-building for my next book, "Light of the Outsider." This is the source of the headache pounding behind my eyes right now.

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  • Paid For Writing!

    January 13, 2006: I just received my first royalities for the print edition of "Brave Men Run - A Novel of the Sovereign Era."

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  • Engine Of Publicity

    December 13, 2005: Finally, finally, finally, lulu.com got their act together and got Brave Men Run's ISBN registered with Books In Print. It took several weeks longer than it should have, and several rounds of chatting with their faceless but gracious (hmm, that could be a song title, no? Somebody run with it) help desk, to get it…

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  • Brave Men Done!

    September 3, 2005: It happened on Friday, September 2nd, 2005, at 3:21 PM at a corner table in the Starbucks on Bear Valley Road in Victorville, California. On the overhead sound system, one of two songs was playing -- I'm not sure of the timing. It was either the Old 97s song "Salome," or Marvin Gaye's "Inner City…

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