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The Shaper’s World Takes Shape…

Writing the next book has all but stopped as I satisfy my nearly-insatiable need to work out all the necessary details of the world in which it takes place. Much of this work was done years ago, but my notes are shoddy and my memory frayed. Plus, I really want to make it right.

White Wolf contributor James Comer continues to be an invaluable resource and sounding board… he’s got an Acknowledgement to be sure.

This link, for those of you geeky enough to be interested in riding cardboard down this particular slippery slope, has been very helpful as well. Geoff Eddy did a lot of the hard work:

In any event, these two folks — one unknowingly and one very directly — have made my work easier and my thoughts clearer. I hope to let all this worldbuilding cement harden by the end of the month, so I can get back to plotting and writing and all that.

Just thought I’d let y’all know what’s been happening this week.

Oh, and I sold the laptop. Makes me happy, and gives me my first experience of sending something to Russia..!

I’m easily amused.

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