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Introducing Your Story Buddy

Most of my life, I’ve been an explainer; a teacher; a mentor and trainer. I love to share topics that capture my attention and passion, to learn from others as we exchange ideas and experiential knowledge.

Nothing’s held that attention longer and kept passion more radiantly aflame than the topic of creation; specifically, storytelling… precisely: writing fiction.

Talking Shop and Talking Story

As a member of various groups and forums across the last twenty years and more, I’ve offered my educated opinion and advice on countless questions from thousands of writers.

Often, writers come to me with other needs, and I find myself helping them with their craft, both generally and with works-in–progress, on a casual and conversational level.

It brings me joy, and from what I’m told, it brings them closer to their goals as storytellers.

As a developmental editor, I’ve helped many unpublished and professional authors transform their completed manuscripts into the best work they can produce. I call it “a masterclass in story architecture with the author’s manuscript as the syllabus.”

That level of intense engagement takes weeks, and I charge accordingly. For many writers, however, no matter how valuable it may be for them, that service is beyond their means.

Many writers need something more like the direct, issue-focused interaction I’ve provided catch-as-catch-can in those groups and forums… but at a personal, intimate level difficult to achieve on social media, and at a price closer to what you might pay for a nice dinner, rather than a mortgage payment.

I’m now offering that service.

Matthew Wayne Selznick is Your Story Buddy

Click here for all the details about Your Story Buddy, my new one-on-one writing coaching service focused on fiction and creative non-fiction, and learn how you can get $25.00 off the regular price of $75.00 if you act before the end of July, 2020, to reserve a session.

I’ve done a few Your Story Buddy sessions already, via phone and Zoom video conference. At the end of each of those hours, I’ve come away exhilarated, and my clients left full of ideas and inspiration. It’s deeply fulfilling, and I’m grateful to be able to help in such a personal way.

For Writers at Any Level

It doesn’t matter where you are on your “writerly journey,” or how far along you are with your work-in-progress. The idea here is that you come into our session with a challenge, problem, or question you’d like to address, probably but not necessarily having to do with a particular story.

Over the course of an hour, I’ll offer suggestions and, most importantly, help guide you to your own conclusions through open-ended, deep-dive questions informed by my twenty-plus years as a published author, editor, and storyteller. When applicable, I’ll provide materials and references to sources that have helped me with similar issues.

When we say goodbye, you’ll have a head full of ideas and options to move forward with your fiction.

Service and Inspiration

I hope to make Your Story Buddy a big part of my “day job” as a creative services provider, as few things are more personally fulfilling for me than chatting on the phone or over a webcam with a fellow creative person and knowing I’m helping them bring new art into the world.

They say any pitch should be more about the problem solved or the “win” achieved for the client. Yeah, that’s all there on the landing page for Your Story Buddy.

This is Scribtotum, though, and vulnerability and transparency are always the order of the day on this blog, so right here I’m going to be honest about my selfish motivation to make Your Story Buddy a success:

It’s inspiring to me!

Helping creators makes me a better creator. Helping writers pushes me to write. Helping authors build their careers drives me to keep going in my own.

Of course it’s revenue, too. Frankly, it’s a bit less than I usually charge when I work by the hour… but I am more than willing to be Your Story Buddy at that reduced rate because it’s so damn fulfilling.

Service and inspiration… all while keeping the lights on, both in my skull and in my house.

Sounds perfect!

Let’s be story buddies!..

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