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1st Annual Obligatory Annual Review and So On

So it’s almost the end of 2005 — is it necessary to do one of these retrospective / looking forward thingies?

Sure, why not.

Should I simply reflect, or do a top-foo list?

Well. In no particular order:

  • Podcast Expo. I sometimes need to be dragged kicking and screaming to social events, and I had a false start, but… wow. What a great time. I was literally part of history. Small scale, geek and nerd history, but still. Next year’s going to be even bigger.
  • Brave Men Run. Hey, dig me, I wrote a book. And I typeset it, and laid it out, and recorded it, and released it in print, e-book, and podcast. And it’s getting rave reviews. Some people are even buying it. Now you… do so.
  • I quit my Cursed Day Job. After ten years with the same company. And for the first time since I was eighteen, work is not my top priority. Creating is. I am very, very grateful to my wife for taking on the majority of the income-producing burden around the Lush and Lavish Studios of MWS Media. I am also thankful for the skyrocketing property values in San Bernardino County, without which I could not have flipped from working and creating to creating and working. Let’s see how long it lasts…!

Based on the amount of typing dedicated to it, I’d say that quitting the CDJ was the biggest thing that happened to me this year. It’s big, all right. Scary big. I now have no excuse not to create.

And I am. Even as I promote Brave Men Run – A Novel of the Sovereign Era and work on new avenues of distribution for it, I’m working on my next novel. Tentative title: Light of the Outsider. Think of it as a gritty fantasy… if James Ellroy teamed with Fritz Leiber, perhaps. This will be my first novel set in my Shaper’s World milieu.

Which only makes sense, since I’ve only written one other novel, and it wasn’t set there. Duh.

So what’s up for 2006?

Stay focused on MWS Media,, DIY advocacy, and writing.

Finish Light of the Outsider, take the same path as Brave Men Run.

Go to some conventions. Do some talks and signings.

Continue to do one of things I’ve started doing since leaving the CDJ… cultivate new relationships, both friendships and business, that feed into my interests and passions.

Find a way to maybe make a little scratch from it all.

Also on the agenda: lose a little weight, get new eyeglasses, go to a wedding, celebrate an anniversary, get organized (hah!), unload unused and unnecessary possessions.

That, and continue to follow my bliss.

If you’d like to help, dear reader, the best thing you can do is buy a copy of “Brave Men Run.”

If you were concerned this was going to turn into one of those sappy “what have we learned” end-of-year posts, that last paragraph hopefully put the kibosh on that.

Happy New Year! Stay well.

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  • A


    I’m so glad you enjoyed BMR… and THANK YOU for spreading the word… and for buying a book! I hope you have a moment to drop a comment over at… if you haven’t already!

    Thanks much!

  • asdkfjasldfh
    I enjoyed so farking much.
    Like no, you don’t understand. I LOVED IT.
    It was really great.
    Really Really GREAT.
    and when I get paid.~
    I’m buying a copy of the book.
    Because, I’m just that rockawesome~
    I’ve been telling all my friends about it.
    Well how can I not?
    I’m always entranced in an iPod phase during class.
    Maybe I should stop rambling.
    And pressing enter every few seconds?
    I will.
    Anyhow. I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast of your book.
    Can’t wait too see some more of your work~

    Liz :]]]~

  • A

    Thanks, Kip! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Brave Men Run podcast. Make sure you visit, add yourself to the mailing list and check out the forums — there’s lots of “behind the scenes” stuff for every chapter podcast to date.

    If you ever need someone to take an editor’s look at your fiction, let me know — I do freelance editing and story diagnosis, very inexpensive, very in-depth.

    Happy new year!

  • Hey Matt,

    I just found your podcast “Brave Men Run,” and I love it. I am also very interested in the DIY concept and the technology that seems to be catering to that crowd. Interestingly, one resolution I have is to read more (and share with my wife, in which we are competing to see who can read more pages by end of March). Another is to start writing again, and I have some ideas and notes. Time is limited, but I will keep poking around your site and links, and I know, *buy the book*. Seriously, I think I will…

    Oh, and I’m glad you can go at it full time now. It must feel great (and scary?)


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