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Engine Of Publicity

Finally, finally, finally, lulu.com got their act together and got Brave Men Run‘s ISBN registered with Books In Print. It took several weeks longer than it should have, and several rounds of chatting with their faceless but gracious (hmm, that could be a song title, no? Somebody run with it) help desk, to get it all squared away.

Now that any bookstore with access to Books In Print can order the book, I can begin the marketing in earnest. I started tonight.

First thing I did was send out an e-mail to four hundred of my closest friends and barest acquaintances. Podcasting buddies, DIY Endeavors bands, old friends, other writers, etc., etc. I felt a little strange, doing it… some of these folks haven’t heard from me in forever, and some may not even remember who I am.

But, as it has been reminded to me more than once lately by various good souls, “nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

The worst that can happen is someone says “don’t write me any more.” That already happened. I also got an offer to review the book, and some well-wishing from a couple of people. That was minutes after the post. Tomorrow..?

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