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Paradigm Shifts In Real Time!

I’m really excited about this:

Another Sky Press has launched a publishing company based on something they’re calling “neo-patronage. All their books will be available to read for free on the net. If you want a paperback edition, pay the price of production and shipping plus whatever you can afford, on a sliding scale. If you want to pay extra as an expression of your support and appreciation, you can do that, too.

Their guiding principle is: the audience is the sole arbitrator of value.

This is so DIY, so New-Internet-Meritocracy… it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It’s like they looked into my soul and wrote a business plan. If I wouldn’t get sued for doing it, I’d post a picture of Snoopy doing that dance where his ears are all floppy and his legs are just a bunch of oval lines in the dust. That’s how happy this makes me.

Please give them a visit… read their offerings. Order a book, just to tell them (and the author), that you love them, their bravery, and their vision.

This is the future, brothers and sisters, and it’s here.

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  • This company sounds promising. I like to see publishers stepping out of the traditional, oppressive model for business because it strangles creativity. Then again, we are all aware of the problems associated with a system that works on controlling all aspects of production. Needless to say, thank you for the link. I will look into my store of short stories to see if I have anything that they’d likely be able to use in the upcoming anthology. Thanks again for the connections, MW.


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