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Couldn’t Glean the Scene

Tried to do some writing today… I like to blast a scene per weekday if at all possible, which usually means a thousand to fifteen hundred words, sometimes more, sometimes less. Today, it barely happened.

Which isn’t actually all that bad, because some editing gigs grabbed the priority spot, and the possibility of future podcasting production / web design work popped up.

I started to write in LOTO, but these very tantalizing distractions kept pulling me away.

Also… not sure what this means, or if I’m really gonna do it, but I feel the need to start another podcast. Probably be an audio sidebar to this blog. Sometimes, I just want to spiel rather than type, y’know?

If a few planets align the way I hope they will, I’ll take that as a “go” and do it. You’ll be the first to know.

Tomorrow, as they say, is another day. Today… well, I managed one hundred words, exactly. Hey, I wrote something! That’s more than some days. I ought to be happy.

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