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Bill Wins the Battle, But the Penguin Will Win the War… Someday

Well, I have withdrawn my troops from the field of operating system ideological warfare. The retreat is a strategic one forced by lack of sufficient resources and field tech.

In other words — I love Linux, I love the idea of “open source,” I love the idea that tech is free so that ideas can flourish. Unfortunately, there are some areas (graphics, sound recording and editing) where Linux options are either too primitive or have a steep, steep learning curve. I spend less time creating and more time stopping, downloading, installing, configuring, reading, learning, and settling for a difficult and counter-intuitive solution.

I believe in Linux. I want the concept to succeed; I want everyone to use it and open source software. Someday.

In the mean time, my own creative needs require that I spend more time doing and less time trying to figure out how to (or if I can) do it.

So. It’s back to Windows.

For now.

Damn it.

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  • we had to make the same difficult decision with our network here, before i dismantled it (mwuahahahhahaha). i wanted to use linux on the main machine, but ran into graphics issues immediately. since then i’ve stuck to the windows versions i can manipulate to my whims.

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