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  • It’s My Friend’s Birthday

    May 19, 2005: My friend has a birthday today. I met her when we were teenagers. We fell in teenage love. It was heavy and full of drama and my tendencies toward martyrdom meshed nicely with her mental illness. We were a manga soap opera before any of us knew of such things; we were a Terry Moore…

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  • The Last Waltz or Something Equally Dramatic

    May 6, 2005: Of all the people I've played with over the years, only two bands ever continued on to make music as more or less the same group after I'd left. Running Erin, now performing as Planet Roy, is the latest. I just received their CD in the mail. Listening to the songs, about a third of…

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  • Now Viacom Wants A Free Ride From Podcasters

    April 27, 2005: It's all over the blogsphere today: Infinity Broadcasting, owned by Viacom, is going to change the format of an underperforming AM radio station in the San Francisco area to all podcasts. They're calling it "Open Source Radio." Don't you believe it. From their Terms of Service: You also grant the Site, its owner and operator,…

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  • Maybe The Best Gift Ever

    April 25, 2005: So, I don't know if it's much of a secret, how I feel about Ray Bradbury. His R Is For Rocket is among the first books I remember reading in my life... and Dandelion Wine, S is For Space, The Illustrated Man, and The Martian Chronicles are in that primordial reading list, too, along with…

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  • Music, Writing, Driving

    April 23, 2005: Today, the last day of a quasi-vacation I took from my Cursed Day Job, I was fairly productive on non-MWS Media stuff! First of all: I've started messing around with Sonar, in the eventual hope that I'll start laying down some tracks. I discovered a couple of things: 1) I haven't played bass, guitar, or…

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  • Time To Get To Work

    November 3, 2004: Well, in about fifteen minutes John Kerry's going to allow for the fact that just slightly better than half of this country prefers the morals of the god of a sheep herder over sense, progress, and security. We lost. And we will lose: more lives in Iraq and Afganistan and probably here, too... we will…

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  • Take Aways

    October 28, 2004: I just came back from a five day trip to the Bay Area to satisfy some training requirements of my day job. The training was interesting in so far as the context, but here were the real "take-aways," to use some corporate speak: I read Philip Sudo's "Zen Guitar." This was recommended by Michael W.…

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  • Force Of Nature

    October 17, 2004: Man oh man, but I do love Godzilla. I'd say it's a guilty secret, except that I have no guilt and I don't keep it a secret by any means. I get a very deep sense of well-being and satisfaction when I see a Godzilla movie. Any Godzilla movie... except the one made by that…

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  • Choices

    October 9, 2004: Well, it just occurred to me that I can write about things in a way that I can't in the "Founder's Corner" at MWS Media. It's a matter of context, see. MWS Media is my business, it's where I focus on a very specific part of my art -- supporting and encouraging DIY folks and…

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