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Well, it just occurred to me that I can write about things in a way that I can’t in the “Founder’s Corner” at MWS Media.

It’s a matter of context, see. MWS Media is my business, it’s where I focus on a very specific part of my art — supporting and encouraging DIY folks and hopefully earning a little bit to help with my own endeavors.

This blog, though — it’s just my head pouring out into the aether.

I can yak about anything I want — I can reveal idealogical views about myself, I can rant, I can pontificate. Of course, only a monkey would truly expect my readers to keep my words here and my works elsewhere seperate. I know one will reflect the other. But I will try to keep them separate!

So, today, for example, I can talk about… what?

Ahhh! Too much freedom!

That’s the albatross of the internet I’m feeling around my neck…

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ve got house upkeep to battle with — fix some leaky sprinklers, wash the dog, change the cat box, mow the lawn, and so on.

I may come back to this “freedom of the internet” thing, but then again, so many others have said so much more on it, and better.


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