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Crows, Snow!

We were at Disneyland today… we rode some rides we’ve never ridden (or at least I don’t remember riding), mostly kiddie stuff, we wandered around, and I got to watch the crows.

I think the crows are my favorite thing about Disneyland. There are an awful lot of them there, and they’re such big, beautiful, intelligent birds — social creatures, you know, but not to the extent of their larger cousins the ravens.

Once, years back, I saw at Disneyland a murder of crows so large, they would have succeeded at murder had they set their minds to it. I mean, well over a hundred of the birds, gathered in an empty corner of the parking lot, as well as all over the air above. It was an awesome sight, and sound!

Today, they were rambunctious, probably due to the impending storm. Great fun to watch.

The storm didn’t really hit until we were on the way home… and then, at about 10:45 up here in the High Desert, it started to snow. My wife pulled me out of the shower with an ecstatic announcement: “It’s snowing, hurry up, come on!”

It’s been a couple of years since it snowed at my town’s elevation, and never since we’ve lived here. We took pictures. We threw snowballs at each other. We let the dog wander around, then took pictures of the snow on his black back, just cuz.

I took pictures of the front and back yard, the white rooftops, the trees. We took pictures of each other with snow in our hair. My wife gathered snow in containers to preserve in the freezer.

Here’s something I didn’t know: snow interferes with satellite reception. Knocks it out, in fact. I’m not sure if that’s the snow on the dish, or just the extra stuff in the air, acting like chaff in the way of the signal.

It stopped for a little while, then it hailed, lightly, now it’s snowing harder than ever. Very cool.

I can now add snow to my list of weather experiences up here: Dust storm, fire storm, snow storm!

Heee hee!

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  • anonymous

    WOW! You really DID get a lot of snow! Beautiful photo. Thank you for sharing.


  • mwsmedia

    By request:

  • anonymous

    Hey, I want pictures of the snow at your home, okay? You didn’t even tell me about it! You know how I long for the sight, smell, feel, joy of snow! Please, please send me photos!


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