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  • Crows, Snow!

    February 3, 2004: We were at Disneyland today... we rode some rides we've never ridden (or at least I don't remember riding), mostly kiddie stuff, we wandered around, and I got to watch the crows. I think the crows are my favorite thing about Disneyland. There are an awful lot of them there, and they're such big, beautiful,…

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  • Late Night

    November 6, 2003: So it's been a while since I've written much -- since the fires settled down, anyway. I guess I don't have the urge to do reportage, or whatever it was I was doing during that week. So my new magazine is out there. I'm hoping (hint) that some folks will contribute fiction to it for…

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  • Fire Update

    October 29, 2003: We continue to await the hopefully not inevitable voluntary evacuation notice -- we're still several miles away from the front line of the fire, but the wind is pretty strong, so anything's possible. Those of you who might expect a call, we won't be calling until it's to let you we're leaving... if you don't…

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  • Fire Report

    October 26, 2003: I couldn't go to work today -- the freeways leading down the hill are closed. The two fires I've been watching all week have merged into one at the Cajon Pass, which is the local high altitude point between my home and the communities "down the hill." The fires in Southern California now stretch in…

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