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Going Back To Work

Well, I’ve been off work on vacation since the 7th, and tomorrow I return.

What did I accomplish this last week?

Well. I managed to set up my desktop computer with Linux and Windows 2000 more or less the way I want it — Linux on the larger hard drive, Windoze on the smaller. I’d be all Linux, all the time, but there are just a couple of things it won’t do just yet — recognize my ancient digital camera, and run most of my audio recording and mixing software. When the Linux community catches up in those regards (or when I buy a better camera…) I’ll be the first to jump on board. I want to be rid of Windows.

I wrote the next column for Writers Unbound — it’s an ongoing series following my progress as I write a novel called “Brave Men Run.” The idea is that writers who are even wetter behind the ears than I can learn from my successes and mistakes…

I put most of my collections of Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction up on E-Bay, something I’d wanted to do for a while. Bittersweet, deciding to part with those, but I hadn’t taken them out of their boxes for probably a year or more, and it’s been even longer since I read one…

I cleaned up my office, sort of.

I saw Matrix: Revolutions. Hm. Lots of stolen ideas, just like the first two movies. The whole trilogy turned out to be a lot more about Hindu mythology than I realized — the Matrix as Brahma. Nice twist, but lots and lots of flaws. Perhaps a topic for another entry.

Donated my Neon — the car I took with me from my 1st marriage and never really wanted — to the SPCA. I cannot tell you how good it feels to not see that damn thing in the driveway anymore. Bye bye! I would have done it for no tax deduction, I swear.

Changed web hosts from (yuck) to, who are offering a better package for FREE!!! for three years. Almost too good to be true. The whole process was fairly painless, too.

Did some catch up and clean up work on my MWS Media EMM SilverStar project. That’s getting to be successful to the point of being unwieldly, which is not a bad problem to have, I know.

Went to the Lakers / Heat game tonight. Fun to go “down the hill.” Ate at Cantor’s, which is always a pleasure. The Lakers slaughtered the Heat so badly it was very nearly boring to watch.

There’s so much I still need to do. I have a “Worldwrights” column to do for Multiverse Magazine. I have writing to do, period. I have to finish my music archive project. I have to re-do the MWS Media website (yet again.) I have more filing and organization to do. I have to blah blah blah…

I’m not ready to go back to my day job, I tell you wut.

But I have to. Gotta be there in ten hours, in fact. Time to shower and go to bed.

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