It’s 1984! Do you know what your children are? A new era begins in BRAVE MEN RUN!

Hanging onto Windows with a thread… scissors in hand

I move closer and closer to eliminating Windows — and the influence of Microsoft — from my working environment!

I no longer code websites in Dreamweaver — I use Screem or a plain old text editor.

I no longer work with graphics in Photoshop — I use Gimp!

I am totally off MS Office and don’t miss it a bit when there’s OpenOffice and Evolution.

And now…

Thanks are due to Evan for building LogJam, the LiveJournal client for Linux I’m using to write this entry. It’s going to be nice to throw entries up on the web without opening up a browser.

A few wrinkles remain, like getting my digital camera to work with Linux, but man, this is great.

Let’s hear it for a DIY operating system stuffed with DIY software. Hurrah!

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