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“Ich bin ein Cal-eee-fornian.”

Well, for the first time in my life, I voted for a Republican.

Sure, a socially liberal Republican, but a Republican, all the same!

Folks outside of Cal-eee-fornia can’t totally understand the way outgoing! Governor Davis goaded us into this: Rolling Blackouts. Budget Battles. Unemployment. Businesses Fleeing. TRIPLING THE CAR TAX. DRIVER’S LICENSES FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Personally, I couldn’t stand the way Davis, when he was trying to be forceful on a point, would extend his hand like he was holding a pointer… not quite a fist. He couldn’t seem to make a fist… maybe someone told him a fist was too violent, too forceful, and it’s better to seem gentle and agreeable. Didn’t work. I’ve seen sock puppets with more conviction.

As for Schwarzenegger’s questionable behavior toward women: Can we all recall John F. Kennedy’s womanizing? How about Bill Clinton’s below-desk secretary? How about, for that matter, George W. Bush’s cocaine use and drunk driving? How about Ronald Reagan’s astrology?

Let’s see how the man does the job.

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  • mwsmedia

    I’m not sure that quote was ever confirmed, or when he was alleged to have said it. It’s important to remember that he wasn’t a politician when he said it, though. For that matter, if I did an inventory of all the things I’ve said over the course of my life that were based on ignorance or youthful bombast, I’d probably not be able to run for anything! 🙂

  • cjmarsicano

    Yeah, this is all true… but I’m still wary of any politician who even remotely mentions admiration for Hitler at any point in his life.

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