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Earn Money in the Matthew Wayne Selznick Affiliate Program

This one’s for the extra-dedicated, extra-motivated super-fans in my community: effective immediately, you can apply to become an affiliate marketer for my creative works.

What It Means to Be an Affiliate

As an affiliate, you’ll receive special custom links for each of my fiction and non-fiction books, audiobooks, short stories, anthologies, and collections.

It’s up to you to use those links any time you write about / talk about my creative works online or elsewhere. When someone buys something of mine through the link you provide, you’ll earn 40% of the net revenue for that sale.

Why You Should Become an Affiliate

As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago: this is for the extra-dedicated, extra-motivated folks in my community of friends and fans. I don’t expect that everyone will jump on this.

However! It’s a fun opportunity for you if you already talk about (on social media, on your website, to your friends, and so on) my books, short stories, audiobooks, and other fiction and non-fiction materials.

Heck, it’s a “why not” kind of thing for those times when you just happen to mention LIGHT OF THE OUTSIDER, BRAVE MEN RUN, or my other works.

If you’re going to talk me up (and gee, I appreciate it when you do!) why not have a chance to earn a little scratch? Oh, and here’s the neat thing: when someone clicks your affiliate link, you have a chance to earn from that for a full thirty days, even if they leave that link and come back to it later!

Potential Earnings

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 40% of net revenue whenever someone buys one of my creative works through your custom, personalized links.

What does “net revenue” mean?

Well, our sales partner, Gumroad, takes 7% plus $0.30 from every purchase. That’s how they earn their keep and pay for hosting my files and handling all that back-end stuff I’d rather not be bothered with.

Whatever’s left over is split between me and (if you become an affiliate) you — 60 / 40.

Let’s look at a real-world example:

The e-book and audiobook all-in-one bundle for my latest novel, the fantasy thriller LIGHT OF THE OUTSIDER, costs $22.00.

Gumroad takes (22 – ((.07 x 22) + .30)) $1.84, leaving a net revenue of $20.16.  From that $20.16, I get $12.10 and you, dear affiliate, earn $8.06.

Gumroad pays us both, directly, every Friday, so long as there’s at least $10.00 due from sales.

That’s right. Instead of waiting weeks or months for an affiliate payment, you could see revenue coming in every single week.

How much that ends up being depends entirely on you!

Why not try it?

How to Become an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is very straightforward.

Simply visit this page and apply.

You’ll be asked how you intend to promote my products — that’s the canned Gumroad question, and for now, I can’t change it. But regardless of the question asked, I have full control over who becomes an affiliate.

Here’s what I want to know:

  • Who are you? Are you part of my mailing list community of friends and fans? A former patron?
  • Why do you want to become an affiliate?
  • Are you interested in promoting a particular book — perhaps a favorite — or can I count on you to promote my latest and greatest when I need your help?
  • Do you have a website? What’s the URL?
  • Do you have social media where you’re active and prolific? What are the links?
  • How will you be spreading the word about my creative works?
  • What else should I know?

And here’s the thing: I don’t necessarily care if you have the biggest audience or the loudest megaphone. What matters most to me is that you, dear reader, dear colleague, dear partner in the dance of creator and consumer, that you have passion when it comes to my creative works.

Let’s be partners! Apply to become an affiliate right now… and thanks!

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