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Latest Garageband Standings

Well, the latest song I’ve put to the Garageband test has finished its run… “The Western Lands” ended up in the 65th percentile in the Acoustic category… which is actually just a hair higher than my last best rated song, “Elvis C.”

Here are some of my favorite reviewer comments for “The Western Lands”

“Have I missed the point somewhere?”

“Song is painfully sincere.”

“The lyrics lacked any real depth, and definitely need to be rethoughtout.”

“Oh my what a performance… I felt that… good job man… should be signed.. I thnk that if you should continue with that performance you should get signed pretty soon..”

“could be a nice publicity for cocacola..or 7 up…”

“I commend you on a seemingly effortless well made song.”

“You begin to lose sight of what is going on here, and that is, duh::: Music”

“this is one of those songs that was onriginally done in the studio with electirics and drums and the whole kit and kaboodle and then the band felt like doing an acoustic cover of it.”

Note: all quotes pasted without correcting anything… the errors are the reviewers.

So now, if you wanna hear the song, hop on over to Garageband and give it a spin. You’ll have to come back over here to comment on it, though.

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