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  • My Saturday

    April 2, 2006: This morning, I had a swollen left lymph node in my throat, a headache, and stiff shoulders. Ick. Went to do my five hours of not-hard-at-all time at the not-a-day-job, got home, futzed with the television which would not play the DVD (a recurring problem that I thought was solved), got that figured out, took…

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  • Reeling In The Webcast

    February 1, 2006: As part of my attempts to Scale Back and Sharpen Up, I've pulled the plug on DIY Endeavors Radio.

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  • Musing on Punk: Attitude

    October 1, 2005: Punk: Attitude is a Don Letts film that was, so far as I know, never shown in theatres and went from the Independent Film Channel straight to DVD. It's a real decent document of the origins of punk rock from its late sixties origins to, say, the early eighties. The DVD has an extra disc…

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  • Favorite Song Ever?

    July 17, 2005: It's the Go-Betweens "Bye Bye Pride." Originally from their "Tallulah" record, it's appeared in various forms (mostly live) on other recordings of theirs -- most recently a semi-acoustic live version on their new disk, "Oceans Apart." I know it won't have the same effect on you, but for me, every time I hear it, my…

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  • Latest Garageband Standings

    May 24, 2005: Well, the latest song I've put to the Garageband test has finished its run... "The Western Lands" ended up in the 65th percentile in the Acoustic category... which is actually just a hair higher than my last best rated song, "Elvis C." Here are some of my favorite reviewer comments for "The Western Lands" "Have…

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