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“Light of the Outsider” Selected by Kevin J. Anderson for Curated StoryBundle

Big news! Kevin J. Anderson, the many-times-over New York Times bestselling author of over a hundred books (including many in the DUNE and STAR WARS franchises), has selected my fantasy novel, LIGHT OF THE OUTSIDER, along with twelve other books for the 2022 Epic Fantasy Storybundle.

2022 Epic Fantasy Storybundle Book Covers

What is a StoryBundle?

StoryBundle presents curated indie books available in collections — “story bundles!” These e-books come to you DRM-free and in a variety of formats.

How Does It Work?

Name your price! Pay at least $5.00 USD and you’ll receive:

​Pay at least $20 USD and you’ll get those four great books and nine more!

The books can be delivered directly to your Kindle app or device, or you can use the included industry-standard EPUB formatted editions to read on the e-book app of your choice on your phone, tablet, or computer.

A Little More About the Books and the Bundle

In The Halfblood War by L. Deni Colter, an heir to the realm must choose between his love for an elven woman and the terrifying prospect of war with her people.

The Season of the Plough by Luke R. J. Maynard features a supposed Chosen One, growing up under the weight of a dubious prophecy, who must make some hard choices when her village is threatened by an ancient horror and a looming civil war.

Khyven the Unkillable by Todd Fahnestock is set in a world ravaged by a thousand-year-old war, where a gladiator rises to knighthood only to fall in love with a beautiful foreigner intent on overthrowing his king.

Curse of the Fae Prince by Ashley McLeo tells of a dark artifacts hunter who quickly becomes the hunted in the cursed Spring Court of Faerie.

Hexworld Book 1 – Roll by Kevin J. Anderson takes place both inside and outside a complex fantasy role-playing game where the characters inside a role-playing game must preserve their reality when the outside Players decide to stop playing.

In Princess of Light by Marie Bilodeau, they said she needed a husband. She decided she needed an army..!

In Ghosts of the Conquered by Steven Savile and Joseph Nassise, some heroes live by the sword, some die by it… and for others, a fate worse than both awaits.

The Risen Prince by David Viergutz presents a warrior poised to battle a great evil… but if you’re not with him, you’re just in his way.

Foundling Wizard by James Eggebeen presents Lorit, who knew his life would change when the magic awoke in him. He just didn’t realize how big of a target he’d become.

In Dream Stream Reality by Derrick Burke, the only time you can’t VR fantasy game is when you’re sleeping … until now.

In Ranger’s Oath by Blake Arthur Peel, the barrier between worlds is broken, and only a ranger’s apprentice knows the truth.

Beggar’s Rebellion by L.W. Jacobs posits that it takes a beggar to remember the power an empire forgot.

Finally, in my own character-driven low fantasy thriller, Light of the Outsider, desperate people vie to find a kidnapped prince before magical and political pressures threaten the stability of the entire continent and millions of lives… and even if this disparate bunch achieve their objectives, wresting their prize from the foul forces of a nefarious, reality-threatening plot and bringing him back alive are two different things!

​And you know what’s cool? You can opt to contribute 10% of your purchase price to benefit the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, a non-profit founded by the surviving families of the Challenger astronauts, where space-themed simulated learning and role-playing strategies help students bring their classroom studies to life and cultivate skills needed for future success, such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

That’s pretty neat, yeah?

Why Your Purchase of a StoryBundle Is Valuable to Indie and Small Press Authors

Remember that one of the reasons I write Scribtotum articles is to share my experiences as a seasoned beginner. I’ve been at the indie publishing game since 2005, over two years before the Kindle became more than a glimmer of a dollar sign in Jeff Bezos’ mind. I’ve seen or participated in just about every marketing strategy and tactic there is.

I believe the artist’s responsibility is to bring their work to the people for whom experiencing it will bring the most benefit, meaning… value.  I also believe the artist has a right to live comfortably while they fulfill that responsibility.

So creation is a given. Exposure / distribution is essential. Compensation is necessary.

Jason Chen and the team at StoryBundle have created a platform where indie authors reach more potential readers than otherwise possible without gambling exorbitant amount of money on advertising… and those authors get paid, too.

The StoryBundle model is the best example of mutually beneficial collaboration between authors and readers I can think of.

So dip in! Pay at least five bucks and discover four authors you just might love. Or spend twenty dollars or more and be introduced to thirteen people who might just end up being your new favorites… including me!

Get Your 2022 Epic Fantasy StoryBundle Now!


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