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Musical Cobwebs

For years, I’ve been fretting over the ultimate fate of the many cassette tapes I have of music I’ve recorded either solo or with bands that are now defunct. In many cases, these fragile cassettes are the only recorded history of some interesting times in my life. I fear that if they should be destroyed or deteriorate beyond repair, my own memory will edit the truth and something will be lost.

So tonight, I finally started transfering them to digital. Eventually, my entire recorded musical history up to earlier this year will be on one fully-packed MP3 album that I will eventually make available for the price of postage to anyone who wants it. I want to shut the door on all the music I’ve made up to this year before I start writing new, and performing again.

Why? Because all the music I’ve written to date is either so old it feels like a cover song when I perform it, or the associations I have with the songs are ones I’d rather, well, disassociate myself with!

So tonight I started archiving, pretty much at random.

I heard the two song demo from 1986 I did with Roger and a couple of kids from Anaheim — we called ourselves DMA (Doesn’t Mean Anything) and we sounded like U2 with no timing. That was the first and only time I actually did my vocals in an honest to goodness vocal booth. I was getting over being sick and it gave my voice a higher register than I had thought possible at the time.

I heard the muffled, crowded demo I made with Loveless in the top floor studio of a Sushi resturant in San Clemente, California. (1991)

I heard the fuzzy four track demo I made with psychopathway in the ShutUp / Din studio, where I would practice with Loveless and live above, two years later. The tape the actual recording was made on was used so much, there’s bleed from previous takes on two of the tracks. Makes for a cheap delay effect…

I heard the overdriven six track cassette I did in 1994, “Hundred Seller.” Yeah, I really did sell all hundred. I hurt to hear the last track, where the late Kris Shine lays down a screaming feedback guitar solo… but it felt good to remember that session, which took place after hours at the strip-mall record store where I worked at the time. I miss Kris.

I heard my “lost album,” and I mean lost to me; I forgot I recorded it! “And So I Did” has eleven tracks, many I’ve never recorded elsewhere. Once I heard it, I remembered slaving over a four-track in the Loveless rehearsal space (formerly the Shut Up / Din studio), learning as I went. That was in 1991 too… busy year, full of music, women, and pain.

I heard — maybe for the first time since it happened — one of the few live performances of Ballast, a duo I was in with my friend Robert, in 1997. Full of fuckups, but it was a good time because we didn’t care…

Thank goodness for Cool Edit Pro’s Pitch adjustment feature — many of these old tapes weren’t recorded at quite the right speed, and a couple were four-track masters that were recorded at high speed for quality. Now everything’s in tune at last!

The whole thing’s got me a little blue… most of these projects started with such fever, such hope. So many of them were tarnished by drama, heartache, and betrayal, or at least entropy. That’s rock and roll, I reckon.

Once I get done with this extensive archiving project, and package it as an MP3 album, I’m thinking of doing a covers record… then I’ll start doing my own stuff — all new stuff — once again. It’ll probably be the middle of 2004 before my sorry ass gets up on stage.

Man… that thing with Roger was seventeen years ago. Did we ever think we’d be in our middle thirties one day?

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  • mwsmedia

    You bet I want copies of whatever you’ve got! What’s the easiest way to arrange this???

    Thanks as always!

  • anonymous

    Dear friend. This is the sort of project that I need to apply myself to as well. In fact, I’m taking a slight break from doing some Buddy tape research this evening. That’s right, it’s time to make the annual best-of CD!

    Anyway, I figured I might be able to help you out by providing you with some recordings I have of you at various stages (no pun intended) that I’ve known you. Just let me know and I will point you to the mountain of tapes… beneath the mountain of dust. 😉

    Buddy Dave

  • cjmarsicano

    Yes, “Bigg” Trouble… taken after the album track from the first DLR solo album. Repitoire: G’n’R, DLR-era VH, Faster Pussycat, The Cult, Poison, Slade (by way of Britney Fox), Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Doors… but strangely enough, even though we all liked them, we never did ANY Sex Pistols covers!

    The singer was into Bowie, Morrisson, and Elvis P. and proudly stole moves from his stash of rock videos (including the Daltrey “hirikiri” move from TKAA).
    The guitarist I’d connected with because he was one of the few people I knew in town that was into punk (we even did two two-man-band punk demos together on my Fostex)… and was also defiant enough to have George Michael’s first solo album and the first Terence Trent D’Arby album in his collection as well.
    The drummer’s favorite bands were Devo, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rush, and he was also a huge Laurie Anderson mark (probably still is).
    And me… the 20-year-old thunderchild that had gotten a reply letter from Watt a month and a half before the band first started, and was heavily into Public Enemy, Debbie Gibson and classical music at the time!

  • mwsmedia

    It’s gonna be a while, but info will be available here and at


  • mwsmedia

    “Bigg” Trouble?? 🙂 Reminds me of an occasional cover band I was in called the Roc Godz (how do you do umlauts in LiveJournal?? Insert over “o”s…)

  • anonymous

    Yes, I want your MP3 for postage.

    You knew I would, didn’t you?


  • cjmarsicano

    On and off, I’ve been slowly doing the same thing with some of my old tapes.

    I already have my first semi-pro band’s demo (top 40 covers) mp3’d… that was the only time I was in a professional studio… 8-track analog, September 1985

    Most extensive archiving I would be doing would be two cassettes of binural recording of a long jam session some friends of mine did in January of 1987, done to commemorate the end of the band Premonition… started the evening with a ragged “Gloria” (via The Doors) and ended with a defiant “Biko” containing the line “…to the end of Premenition as we know it!”. 🙂 A month later it became Bigg Trouble, one of a few bands I don’t have any tape for! 🙁

  • you know me, i never saw past tomorrow . . .

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