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Paid For Writing!

I just received my first royalties for the print edition of Brave Men Run – A Novel of the Sovereign Era.

This is another little milestone, my friends!

Today, $11.15 was deposited to my PayPal account for the period ending December 31st. It represents 5 copies of the paperback edition of the book sold between November 12th and December 25th, 2005.

That amounts to about 20% of the retail price of each book — I receive a better royalty for copies purchased through than I do through So if you’re thinking about buying the paperback edition and you want to do the most good for your beloved author… buy it here! (You can’t anymore — but you can find it pretty much anywhere paperback books are sold online.)

The last time I got paid for something I had on paper was a short story published in a now-defunct Canadian science fiction semi-pro ‘zine called Bardic Runes. I got twenty bucks for my fantasy story “Trouble Day,” set in the same milieu as my next book, Light of the Outsider. That was… 1995???

So this is pretty cool. A small start, to be sure… but a fresh start, and a milestone. Thanks, you five… and the two people who bought the e-book edition, too!

Woo hoo!

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  • A

    Thanks, Danny, for buying the e-book! Four other people have joined you since I wrote this entry.

    I’m really moved by your comments, I have to say. Your words keep me writing my words, in a way!

    After you’ve read the book, please head over to and and write some reviews… word of mouth is the best way to promote the book. I’d appreciate it!

    Also, since you’re one of just a handful of folks who will know the story… please consider the details of the book a secret you keep until the podcast is finished. Wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone else!

    Many, many thanks, Danny!

  • Damn, I’m only one of _two people_ who bought the eBook? That’s a damn crime.

    I heard about the Brave Men Run podcast from SpaceshipRadio a week or so ago and decided to check it out. When I finished the last episode that was available (I downloaded them all at once and listened to them in one day after being sucked in by the first two episodes), I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting another _week_ for a measly thirty minutes worth of entertainment, so I bought the eBook and put away most of the rest of the book (I’ve got about thirty pages left) in two nights (and I don’t like reading, which is why I got into podcast fiction in the first place). This is the first piece of fiction I’ve consumed in a _long_ time to draw me in so thoroughly to the story and make me so attached to the characters. My only regret is that it isn’t longer.

    You’ve made yourself at least one permanently obsessive fanboy. I can’t wait for the next book. I’m also going to buy the paperback for my girlfriend when I have the spare funds. This is just too good not to share.

  • A

    Rich, it’s always great to hear from you — and I appreciate your support! I hope you like the book!

    Everybody, Rich Kubicz is one of the world’s greatest performers of The Unheard Music… his music is excellent Americana, the kind of stuff Jackson Browne would be doing if he wasn’t tired and Graham Parsons would be doing if he wasn’t dead.

    Good thing we don’t need Jackson or Graham… we have Rich. Check him out!

  • Rich Kubicz

    Congratulations! I periodically check back at DIY Endevors to see what’s going on and wanted to congratulate you on your new book. I have three ahead of yours but will pick one up asap! You’re a good man Matthew Wayne Selznick!

    Rock On!
    Rich Kubicz

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