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Scale Back!! Sharpen Up!!

I need to kill the focus-killers.

This means I’ve seriously pruned the list of blogs I read, and the list of podcasts I listen to is next. No offense to anyone; I simply need to spend less time doing things that don’t have any practical value. It’s too easy for me to spend time reading blogs, posting comments, reading posts on the seven mailing lists I subscribe to, etc. Suddenly I find that the day is gone.

I have to view hours as billable, even if there’s no income involved. I can bill for time, too — bill myself, I mean. You know?

Thing is, I’m getting a little freaked out, because this is my shot, pretty much — this is my time to do creative things and see if I can make a go at it. The positive feedback I’m getting from BMR comes in on an almost daily basis, so that tells me I can write stuff — I should dedicate time to writing things. I should spend less time — and money, in some cases — on things that don’t bring me feedback or other, more tangible rewards.

This means… less time on e-mail. Less time doing things for free for other people, unless it fits in with one of the several projects I have running. I’m not cutting back to be selfish, or an asshole, or anything — it’s just that I have to think about what I’m getting out of these hours, days, and weeks I’ve been given since I left the Cursed Day Job. It’s gotta matter. It’s gotta count, cuz i don’t know how long it’s going to last.

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