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Podcast Expo Day One

So, my first conference. I feel like a grown-up, kinda.


  • Many people… many people… still think in terms of podcasting as an entry into Old Media, like radio or major labels or whatnot.
  • Some do not. Which is good.
  • Brian Ibbott is gracious but nervous around drooling fanboys. Can’t say I blame him.
  • If Odeo stays unbought by Fox or ClearChannel or something equally unsavory, they’re on to a good thing. Just stay pure, people. It’s not always about the money.
  • See? Really, it’s not.
  • Dawn and Drew = Still not funny.
  • It’s weird to be social with strangers who have so much in common with you
  • It’s weird to discover that… podcaster or not, I’m not half the tech-savvy geek some of these people are. I’m way behind the curve in some ways. Perhaps I make up for it with my fanatical prodding and poking with my trusty DIY-anti-old-media stick?
  • Conferences are tiring.

Another day tomorrow… still looking forward to it. And where’s Evo Terra??? I think I saw him across the ballroom tonight, but his name badge was turned around, and I was talking to Matt May.

Okay. Time for night-night.

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