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  • 015: Be Nimble

    October 18, 2018: This Sonitotum, I talk about staying nimble and flexible with your creative endeavors to help avoid progress traps in your work. Click through to listen and read!

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  • 004: The Wringer

    May 26, 2018: In the fourth episode of Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick, I relate a recent experience that shows how our own subconscious will call us out when we act inauthentically, putting us through the emotional wringer of anxiety and depression.

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  • Writers, Stop Not Starting! Understanding and Beating Procrastination

    March 26, 2017: Writers! Let's figure out the roots of procrastination and work together to overcome it and finally stop not starting our best creative work.

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  • Scale Back!! Sharpen Up!!

    January 25, 2006: I need to kill the focus-killers.

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  • Ebb and Flow

    June 23, 2005: Oy, right now, mostly ebb. I'm sitting here knowing that I should be writing, it's the time of day, the hour I reserve, when I should be working on Brave Men Run. That takes some energy, though, especially since I'm in the last third of the book and things are cooking... it's physically draining to…

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