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scrihb-tote-um (Noun): A portmanteau combining the words “scribe” (writer) and “totum” (roughly Latin for “the whole thing”). Borrowed / adapted from the word “factotum” (one who does all kinds of work) to mean “one who writes on a variety of subjects.”


I strive to offer my experiences as an independent creator with the perspective of a veteran beginner. Whenever I can teach or share, I write an article for my blog, Scribtotum.

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Scribtotum Articles

  • Early Morning

    February 17, 2004: A couple of hours ago, I saw my wife off on a short business trip to Northern California. Even though it was five AM, I couldn't go back to sleep. Got some coffee going, fed the dog and let him out, and found myself in the musing mood that usually comes to me in the…

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  • Crows, Snow!

    February 3, 2004: We were at Disneyland today... we rode some rides we've never ridden (or at least I don't remember riding), mostly kiddie stuff, we wandered around, and I got to watch the crows. I think the crows are my favorite thing about Disneyland. There are an awful lot of them there, and they're such big, beautiful,…

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  • Musing on Live Journal

    January 27, 2004: Recently, someone asked me why people use LiveJournal. "Is it a diary? Who sees it?" In trying to describe LiveJournal, I realized I had some ideas about it that I'd never directly considered. I'm putting them down here to hopefully solicit some discussion. I don't consider this medium to be a diary. To me, a…

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  • Buy This Book Right Now

    January 16, 2004: It's Michael W. Dean's $30 Music School. Five hundred + pages of everything the DIY creative person needs to know, from starting a band to writing your own contracts... it's chock-a-block (and how often does one get to use that old saw???) with tips and useful anecdotes that only someone who's a peer with Ian…

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  • Observations

    January 16, 2004: There are So many fucking Christians In this desert town When strangers meet They exchange churches Like kids comparing baseball cards Cell phones Are the boom boxes Of the new millennium The desert encourages Forty year old women With fifty-year wrinkles Brown And Crevassed To wear tight sweaters Short denim skirts And fuck-me boots In…

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  • Governing Values

    January 15, 2004: Last time I wrote, I talked about how I was getting into using a planner to prioritize my days' tasks and my short and long term goals. Part of this whole thing involves basing my priorities on the things I really believe in and the person I want me to be. My "governing values." This…

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  • Obligatory New Year’s Post

    January 1, 2004: It's a "blustery day" here in the high desert: the wind is moaning around the corners of the house, and the sky outside my window is striped with steel gray and pale blue. Down the hill, I bet it's raining. In the house, I finally gave in and turned on the heater. We've been trying…

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  • Encroaching Morality

    December 11, 2003: I'm beginning to notice something about myself: I've been rediscovering the justice-seeking, idealistic person I once was. It's an odd thing, to notice yourself caring more about certain issues, to seek out opportunities to do something because it's right, or because it needs "righting." I think I'm making up for past lapses in my own…

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  • Bill Wins the Battle, But the Penguin Will Win the War… Someday

    December 10, 2003: Well, I have withdrawn my troops from the field of operating system ideological warfare. The retreat is a strategic one forced by lack of sufficient resources and field tech. In other words -- I love Linux, I love the idea of "open source," I love the idea that tech is free so that ideas can…

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