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"I make things for people who like the kinds of things I make."
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scrihb-tote-um (Noun): A portmanteau combining the words “scribe” (writer) and “totum” (roughly Latin for “the whole thing”). Borrowed / adapted from the word “factotum” (one who does all kinds of work) to mean “one who writes on a variety of subjects.”


I strive to offer my experiences as an independent creator with the perspective of a veteran beginner. Whenever I can teach or share, I write an article for my blog, Scribtotum.

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Scribtotum Articles

  • Dream Guests

    October 15, 2003: This week, so far, I've had two distinct visits from people I haven't seen in years.

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  • Shameless Plug

    October 10, 2003: Okay, world, I thought I should use this forum to announce my new magazine and encourage anyone who has an appropriate submission to go ahead and, well, submit it!

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  • “Ich bin ein Cal-eee-fornian.”

    October 3, 2003: Well, for the first time in my life, I voted for a Republican. Sure, a socially liberal Republican, but a Republican, all the same! Folks outside of Cal-eee-fornia can't totally understand the way outgoing! Governor Davis goaded us into this: Rolling Blackouts. Budget Battles. Unemployment. Businesses Fleeing. TRIPLING THE CAR TAX. DRIVER'S LICENSES FOR ILLEGAL…

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