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Fire Update

It’s pretty creepy up here now.

The animals — we have four cats, a dog, and a turtle — are getting weirded out. Okay, I don’t know about the turtle, but you get the idea. The dog keeps wanting to go outside, where he just walks around and eats grass. The cats are whining.

I’ve got a little air purifier running in the back of the house, cuz that’s where I’m hanging out, but the air quality in the front of the house is noticeably worse… every window and door, including the flue of the fireplace, is closed, but the air outside is more smoke than air.

There’s still no fire in Hesperia. Heh. I said, “Still.” There’s no indication that there will be, but man, it’s a little eerie out there. I’ve been pretty much stuck in the house (see exceptions in previous entries) and with the stars gone from the sky and the air fouled, I’m feeling a little boxed in. The darn animals are probably getting buggy cuz I’m getting buggy!

There’s a voluntary evacuation in a neighborhood about five miles southeast of here, and a mandatory evac a bit south of there near the Cajon Pass. I don’t think my house is in danger, but I’m betting I’ll be up all night — I’m too keyed up.

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