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Fire Update

We continue to await the hopefully not inevitable voluntary evacuation notice — we’re still several miles away from the front line of the fire, but the wind is pretty strong, so anything’s possible.

Those of you who might expect a call, we won’t be calling until it’s to let you we’re leaving… if you don’t hear from us, we’re fine.

I just heard that 90% of the homes in Julian, California, have been lost. Julian is a lovely little town in the high desert of San Diego County, where I had the pleasure of staying a few times. My thoughts go out to the Rockin’ R Ranch…

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  • anonymous

    Thirty mph winds in Julian right now at 12:26PM 10-29-2003.

    I am looking at a live picture on TV of the main street of lovely, historic Julian, CA and so far the firefighters have kept the flames from that area. I don’t know about the 90% loss of homes you mention but I do know that those houses built in the center of tall trees and heavy underbrush are burning. Not all but some. It is absolutely impossible for any firefighter to reach those homes but they are fighting the flames by air with several water-carrying planes getting the water from a residents pond. Cuyamaca is gone…sad to say.
    Air quality in all of San Diego County including North SD County is “very unhealthy” and all are advised to stay indoors.

    This has to stop!

    Stay safe and call me. Let me know where you locate.

    God bless everyone and all the poor wild animals caught in this inferno.


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