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Recent fortuitous events have placed me in a remarkable position… after ten years and eighty-some days with the same company, I will be quitting what I have semi-sarcastically called my Cursed Day Job on the day after Thanksgiving.

Very strange. I’m alternately very nervous and out-of-my skin excited.

I’ll still have to work somewhere… we can’t quite afford to be a one-income household, and the cats and dog don’t know too many marketable tricks, so that’s not an option. I’ll have to get a part-time job. But it won’t be a management job. It won’t be a bottom-line, responsibility, babysitting for too little money job.

I long to punch a clock! And so I will.

What, you ask, will you do with the extra time and less money?

Make stuff, baby!

Promote Brave Men Run. Write my new novel The View That Comes With You. Make podcasts. Get extra active with the various associations and groups I’m involved with. Get out and do some culture now and then. Maybe make some music. Be creative.

Additionally, I won’t pass up any editing or story diagnosis work you might send my way. I’m still offering dirt cheap web hosting for DIY, creative folks, and domain name registration. And I’m open to doing “content creation” (writing) for web or print. Ask me!

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