Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick 021: The Squirrel Trappers Ruin Everything

Published on September 03, 2020
Published on September 03, 2020

This outdoor episode features an update on the Amazon advertising experiment I started about a month before, some news about progress on my upcoming novella set in the same storyworld as my novel Light of the Outsider, my secret plan to fight inflation tips on how to get away from Facebook when you can’t leave Facebook, and… yeah, there’s also some ranting about… some things.

When all was said and done, no squirrels were trapped or otherwise harmed during the recording of this episode… but… real talk, dear listener… I’m not in the best headspace in this one.

Despite that, or maybe because of that, there’s still plenty of value for your ears. I really do try to teach and share through the bitching and grousing.

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  1. Rebecca Burns

    Question 1: Have any of your story characters been influenced by real-life people (friends, enemies, colleagues, family, authors, politicians, actors, etc)–if so, who, how, and why? (and do they know or is it a secret homage?)

    Question 2: When you’ve coached other artists, what revelations have you had or advice have you given that surprised you (like, “Why had I never thought of this before?” or “I wish someone had told me this 10 years ago!”

    Question 3 and 3-1/2: Who is your biggest cheerleader? Who encourages you to persevere as an artist?

    Questions 4, 4-1/3, 4-2/3: What is your experience with writing groups? Critique groups? Collaborative projects?

    Question 5: How much of your creative energy is spent on your own writing vs. your music vs. helping other artists and how much energy do you spend on noncreative activities? Is this the right balance for you? If not, how would you wish to distribute your energy?

    • Matthew Wayne Selznick

      Thanks for the questions, Rebecca! This’ll get the episode off to a great start!

  2. Harold

    Thanks Matt. I actually recorded and edited the first…er…episode, or something, of what was intended to be a new podcast. I even published it to a podcast hosting service just to see how it felt to put something out there. But I’m not satisfied with it so I’m going to go back to the drawing board.

    Looks like a listener has provided some great suggestions for your next episode. I enjoyed the turn you took into what was happening as you were recording (the “squirrel incident”). Honestly, for me that was pure gold. It’s not that the rest of the podcast wasn’t — it’s simply that the drama of the moment was engaging in an unexpected way. I guess you never know what unexpected gifts you’ll sometimes find when you turn on the mic; (and I’ll have to keep that in mind myself)…

    …and I agree wholeheartedly about Facebook, which is why I haven’t logged into the platform in two years (and won’t be anytime soon).

  3. Matthew Wayne Selznick

    Thanks for the comment, Harold!

    Honestly, if I could simply record at home in my home office, I’d take that over trying to make decent content with a cell phone mic in a windy park. The squirrel hunters were kind of the last straw that day..!

    But, meh, if we were all looking for radio-quality professionalism, we’d only listen to shows recorded in studios with producers and sponsors. Podcasting still has a wild west, darn it — an edge of the map beyond which there be dragons. And us…

    Release your thing! Let’s face it, are you ever going to be completely satisfied..?


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