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065: What to Expect in 2023

Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick
Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick
065: What to Expect in 2023

Happy new year, Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick listener community! In this 65th episode, I have a few announcements regarding what you can expect in 2023 from this podcast about making stuff (mostly writing), finding success as we each define it for  ourselves, and staying healthy and sane in the process.

This episode was recorded on December 30th, 2022.

Links and Topics Mentioned in This Episode

  • The end of 2022 was (happily) crowded with wrapping up various projects for writer and podcasting clients of my creative services business. Perhaps I can help you in 2023!
  • I offer a free ongoing fiction serial set in my Sovereign Era storyworld (Brave Men Run, Pilgrimage, The World Revolves Around You and other works). I added one more installment before 2022 came to a close. You can subscribe for free to Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights: “How It All Got Started” and receive new installments every week, delivered directly to your inbox! Get in on a year and a half (and counting) of free fiction, starting from the beginning, when you susbcribe.
  • As soon as the Multiversalists member community is thirty patrons strong, every other episode of Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick will feature an interview with a writer or other creator. These “evergreen” conversations will emphasize the what the creator makes, how they find success and how they define it, and their methods for staying healthy and sane in the process. If you’re a creator interested recording an interview, please reach out to me (email link)!
  • The Multiversalists patron member community receives the uncut, unedited version of every episode. Want in on that? Become a patron for at least $5.00 per month (cancel any time) and get a bunch of other perks and special access, too.
    • Every month the member community has at least twenty members, I will donate 10% of net patron revenue to 826 National in support of literacy and creative writing advocacy for children. Let’s go!
    • Oh, and speaking of patronage: This episode was made possible in part by the patronage of listeners like you, including Amelia Bowen, Ted Leonhardt, Chuck Anderson, and J. C. Hutchins! Want to support the show and be listed in the credits, plus get lots of other goodies, perks, and exclusive access? Become a patron with a $5 monthly pledge!

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The opening theme song of Sonitotum is “Anastasia” written, performed, and recorded by yours truly, Matthew Wayne Selznick. You can hear or buy the full song on YouTube, Spotify,, iTunes, or just about anywhere you can buy or stream music online.

The closing and interstitial music is a little ditty I call “Gwinton,” also by yours truly, Matthew Wayne Selznick. It’s super-short and really just a looping thing, so it’s not available outside of the show.

On both songs, I play a 1972 Gibson Ripper bass guitar and a Fender “Bullet” Squire electric guitar. On “Anastasia,” the drums are performed on an Akai Professional MPD218 MIDI drum pad controller. For “Gwinton,” the drums are royalty-free loops found in the excellent Mixcraft Pro Studio software, which was also used to record, mix, and master both “Anastasia” and “Gwinton.”

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Sonitotum is usually recorded using an Aurycle a460 large diaphragm studio condenser microphone through a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD (audio interface for directly connecting microphones and musical instruments to a computer). Outdoor / remote episodes are often recorded using my Audio-Technica ATR-3350IS omnidirectional condenser lavalier mic. The show is edited and mixed in Adobe Audition. The episode files are hosted and delivered by; the website is hosted by Dreamhost.

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