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  • LA Podcasters Meeting

    August 20, 2005: So I met some real live podcasters in the flesh today... some folks whose work I've listened to for the last few months. Don't think they've listened to me (yet) cuz I'm kind of a small fry... but based on my Feedburner stats, that may have changed after today. It was a fun meeting. It's…

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  • I Will If You Will!

    June 13, 2005: It was an interesting morning at the lush and lavish studios of MWS Media. First, a sprinkler valve on the expansive and well-appointed lawn burst, leading to a few hours' of repair work and no water for cooking or showering for the on-site staff. While waiting for pipe seal to dry, I pursued a very…

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  • Now Viacom Wants A Free Ride From Podcasters

    April 27, 2005: It's all over the blogsphere today: Infinity Broadcasting, owned by Viacom, is going to change the format of an underperforming AM radio station in the San Francisco area to all podcasts. They're calling it "Open Source Radio." Don't you believe it. From their Terms of Service: You also grant the Site, its owner and operator,…

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