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Take Aways

I just came back from a five day trip to the Bay Area to satisfy some training requirements of my day job. The training was interesting in so far as the context, but here were the real “take-aways,” to use some corporate speak:

I read Philip Sudo’s “Zen Guitar.” This was recommended by Michael W. Dean in his “$30
Writing School”
book, and I dug it.

There’s so much for creative people to gain from the Zen approach to their art — this is a valuable book for anyone who creates.

Reading it helped me maintain “mindfulness” while I was staying at the hotel.

One of my favorite moments came one night when, alone, I walked the few blocks from an Italian restaurant back to my hotel. The road took me through an industrial park that was lined with tall trees and small artificial brooks and streams. A light, misty rain fell. For the first time in many years, I was silent and aware enough to really see the energy around me. Wonderfully grounding.

Equally invigorating was the little group of folks I gravitated toward during the “off-hours” away from the training session. The company I use to pay my bills attracts a lot of very creative people, but it was a special joy to discover that I was sitting at dinner with a film-maker, an actress, a musician, and a writer. I mean, right there, we had every person we need to make a film. Maybe one day we will?

There are distance constraints, and life constraints, and time constraints, but I hope the enthusiasm, camaraderie, and friendship we shared will continue to advance and develop.

As Hank Chinaski used to say, “To all my friends!”

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