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Time To Get To Work

Well, in about fifteen minutes John Kerry’s going to allow for the fact that just slightly better than half of this country prefers the morals of the god of a sheep herder over sense, progress, and security.

We lost.

And we will lose: more lives in Iraq and Afganistan and probably here, too… we will lose the germ of scientific progress. We will lose the direction reason and method can provide.

Last time this happened, it was 1985. I was seventeen years old and full of ire and indignation for our President. Now, I’m 37, and I can feel the spirit coming on.

It’s time to get active. It’s time to spit in the face of the majority, with our words, with our actions, with our buying habits, and with our votes. Maybe, if the right situation comes up, it’s time to serve.



I expect a lot of good music to come out of this. I mean it. Sharpen your pencils and put on fresh strings, punx… it’s time to get serious again.

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