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Another One

This one’s more of a rocker… the type of song I sing acoustic that used to drive REDACTED crazy: “You’re wasting these songs by not having a band!!!!”

Feh. Thanks for not wanting to be my friend after I left your band, REDACTED. Where’s my video, REDACTED?

Maybe to sing
Making a sign
Cuts the mist out of my mind

Calling sound
Culling it down
Brings the lightning to ground

Soften the sanity focus
I’ll be the upside down roses
I’ll only see by my own

Is there a tone
A word or a rune
I can carve into my bones?

Draw me a card
Mirror in shards
I am wholly in the parts

Yet another song about making music and the creative thang. I started this one on the 19th, promptly forgot what I had played, then figured it out again last night and this morning.


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  • anonymous

    Of course I love this one also. Wish you could get your video.

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