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Hey, I Just Wrote A Song

It’s probably the first full song I’ve written in a year or so. Culled from a couple of false starts and listening to lots of Son Volt, Eleventh Dream Day, and Go-Betweens. As should be expected, it doesn’t sound much like any of ’em.

Called “It Will Matter,” here are the lyrics:

Can I talk you down
From the highest roof in town
Can I make the sounds
Clear but not too loud
That’ll make you wanna?

Can any body
Really get inside your head?
Can any body
Put your tears to rest?

Can I make you smile
Like you haven’t in a while
Do I have the style
Low but not too wild
That’ll make you wanna?

And I’ll bring
Cooling water
And I’ll bring
A sturdy ladder
And I’ll sing
Enough that it will matter
I’m of no mind to flatter
That might just bring your laughter
I’ll still hold my hand out to you

(repeat verse two)
–copyright 2004 Matthew Wayne Selznick

Maybe this will bring the muse out from hibernation. It is Spring, after all.

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  • greenplaid

    Thank you so much.

  • anonymous

    Love it! You’re back!! : )

  • cjmarsicano

    Yeah, it’s a nice little off-tune chord heard in the verse of the aforementioned Pantera track. Here’s how it’s fretted:


    I’m sure there’s other ways of describing it (like most every other non-basic chord out there) but that’s how it was defined in the transcription of “Five Minutes Alone” that I saw ten years ago.

  • mwsmedia

    “Eb5b8????” Whoo-boy — I need a chord dictionary. Mine’s only as complicated as C/D.

    I’ve got another half-completed as well, but I’ve got so darn many of those, I could dedicate a week to finishing them.

    Hm. Maybe I should, eh?

  • cjmarsicano

    You’re not the only one. I’ve got three (well, actually two and a half) songs written as of a couple of weeks ago. There’s no lyrics on them yet, but thanks to Power Tab Software there’s legible notes and tab with accompanying MIDI “demos”. The first two came out of fooling around with a C# tuning (step and a half below standard) and it’s drop-D counterpart. One song sounds like a cross between Staind, Sepultura and Pantera (I think I even ended up “borrowing” the Eb5b8 chord from Pantera’s “Five Minutes Alone” in the first riff), another sounds like Cheap Trick downtuned a step-and-a-half and incorporates an arpeggiated riff that I’ve had since the miud-80’s that never found a home in a proper song. And for the last one I tuned my guitar back up to standard E and came up with another riff or two – that’s the “half-song” that I haven’t completed yet, but there’s a score and MIDI “demo” for that too.

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