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  • Another One

    March 24, 2004: This one's more of a rocker... the type of song I sing acoustic that used to drive REDACTED crazy: "You're wasting these songs by not having a band!!!!" Feh. Thanks for not wanting to be my friend after I left your band, REDACTED. Where's my video, REDACTED? Maybe to sing Making a sign Cuts the…

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  • Hey, I Just Wrote A Song

    March 24, 2004: It's probably the first full song I've written in a year or so. Culled from a couple of false starts and listening to lots of Son Volt, Eleventh Dream Day, and Go-Betweens. As should be expected, it doesn't sound much like any of 'em. Called "It Will Matter," here are the lyrics: Can I talk…

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  • Observations

    January 16, 2004: There are So many fucking Christians In this desert town When strangers meet They exchange churches Like kids comparing baseball cards Cell phones Are the boom boxes Of the new millennium The desert encourages Forty year old women With fifty-year wrinkles Brown And Crevassed To wear tight sweaters Short denim skirts And fuck-me boots In…

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