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  • Governing Values

    January 15, 2004: Last time I wrote, I talked about how I was getting into using a planner to prioritize my days' tasks and my short and long term goals. Part of this whole thing involves basing my priorities on the things I really believe in and the person I want me to be. My "governing values." This…

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  • Obligatory New Year’s Post

    January 1, 2004: It's a "blustery day" here in the high desert: the wind is moaning around the corners of the house, and the sky outside my window is striped with steel gray and pale blue. Down the hill, I bet it's raining. In the house, I finally gave in and turned on the heater. We've been trying…

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  • Encroaching Morality

    December 11, 2003: I'm beginning to notice something about myself: I've been rediscovering the justice-seeking, idealistic person I once was. It's an odd thing, to notice yourself caring more about certain issues, to seek out opportunities to do something because it's right, or because it needs "righting." I think I'm making up for past lapses in my own…

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  • Bill Wins the Battle, But the Penguin Will Win the War… Someday

    December 10, 2003: Well, I have withdrawn my troops from the field of operating system ideological warfare. The retreat is a strategic one forced by lack of sufficient resources and field tech. In other words -- I love Linux, I love the idea of "open source," I love the idea that tech is free so that ideas can…

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  • Down to the Essentials

    November 26, 2003: I just finished trimming my blog-style MWS Media site down to one page. See, I came to the realization that, while I strongly believe in the DIY ethos, and while I'm so into supporting the indie movement that I switched to Linux and I don't use mp3s (go Ogg Vorbis -- it's open source and…

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  • The Alarm

    November 19, 2003: I made a pleasant discovery a couple of days ago -- a two-dvd set from Mike Peters, the old frontman and founding member of the Alarm. Apparently recorded on the twentieth anniversary of the band's formation, it's Mike telling the story of the band from start to finish, with a nifty slideshow and thirty six!…

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  • Going Back To Work

    November 17, 2003: Well, I've been off work on vacation since the 7th, and tomorrow I return. What did I accomplish this last week? Well. I managed to set up my desktop computer with Linux and Windows 2000 more or less the way I want it -- Linux on the larger hard drive, Windoze on the smaller. I'd…

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  • Samhain

    November 2, 2003: We never needed to have left our home. On Halloween night, it rained. It was perfect.

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  • Fire Update

    October 29, 2003: It's pretty creepy up here now. The animals -- we have four cats, a dog, and a turtle -- are getting weirded out. Okay, I don't know about the turtle, but you get the idea. The dog keeps wanting to go outside, where he just walks around and eats grass. The cats are whining. I've…

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