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  • Every Independent Creator Needs A Statement of Ethics

    February 16, 2015: Independent creators: do you have a statement of ethics? Learn how a public statement of your principles and ethics can help build community and attract friends and fans to your work.

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  • A Transparency Challenge From A Bottom-List Indie Author

    July 18, 2014: I post my gross earnings as an independent author and creator. If you're an indie author or otherwise make some or all of your living as an independent creator, I challenge you to do the same. Here's why...

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  • Authors: This Secret To Selling Books On Social Networks Will Completely Change The Way You Sell Books On Social Networks

    March 5, 2014: The secret authors need to know when they want to sell books on social networks.

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  • Does Social Media Make You More Social?

    January 19, 2010: I know this isn't a new subject, but I've been thinking about it lately. Social media and social networks like Twitter, Facebook and the like are great for keeping in touch at a distance, bringing people together for causes and crises, and maintaining a kind of loose thread between friends and acquaintances. I'm wondering if…

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  • November 11th and 12th

    September 27, 2005: I'm having a hard time articulating this blog entry. It's hard, because I've made a decision to not be involved with the Los Angeles Podcasters Group's (LAPG) booth at the Podcast & Portable Media Expo in a month and a half, and the decision is based on a combination of ethical, personal, and purely gut…

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  • We Win

    June 29, 2005: All right, folks! Here's a reminder that it pays to speak, to act. Earlier this week, it came to my attention that Nike was using a knock-off of classic, iconic Minor Threat album cover art to promote a skateboarding tour. Dischord Records never gave permission to use, never approved of, and never condoned the Nike…

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