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  • 051: Write Your Ugly Truth

    September 19, 2022: Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick 051 invites you to reject the judgement of the narrow-minded and write your ugly truth.

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  • 049: Absolutely No Absolutes

    September 5, 2022: Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick 049 explains why we should carefully examine the advice of those who deal in absolutes, and reveals why he thinks an author's website should be a personal, direct experience... if that works for you.

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  • 048: Just Say Nope to Tropes

    August 29, 2022: Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick 048 is a park-cast in the great outdoors. Listen as I explain why being overly concerned with tropes and genre expectations can keep you from writing your best, authentic fiction.

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  • 004: The Wringer

    May 26, 2018: In the fourth episode of Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick, I relate a recent experience that shows how our own subconscious will call us out when we act inauthentically, putting us through the emotional wringer of anxiety and depression.

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  • Declare for Bold

    June 30, 2017: Why being bold is the most vulnerable, effective, and powerful practice for writers to find their truth.

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